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Accurate ecommerce accounting in NetSuite

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Struggling with inaccurate reconciliations and inefficient accounting processes for your ecommerce business?

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Ecommerce accounting software for reconciliation in QuickBooks Online or Xero product image


Integrate your sales channels with NetSuite

A2X transforms transaction data from your sales channels into summarized journal entries that reconcile perfectly with payouts in NetSuite. From a single channel with thousands of orders to multiple channels, countries, and currencies. A2X works alongside your inventory management, order tracking, and more – helping you save hours a month while giving you true financial visibility.

Accounting - How it works


Accurate accounting, more data, better decisions

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Ecommerce accounting in minutes, not hours

Get auto-categorized summaries of your sales, fees, taxes, and more matched to deposits in NetSuite for reconciliation.

Summarize Transactions

Make tax time less taxing with accurate books

A2X summarizes your transactions by taxed, non-taxed, or tax excluded – ensuring accurate tracking in NetSuite.

Detailed reporting

Detailed financial reporting, less guesswork

Keep track of your profit margins, channel performance, and more with accurate financial statements in NetSuite.


A2X is the leader in ecommerce accounting; whether you’re selling on one channel or many; in different currencies or countries, A2X has you covered

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

A2X works alongside your existing integrations, allowing you to manage inventory and order tracking separately.

Accurate summaries

Accurate summaries

A2X summaries match perfectly to your payouts, giving you confidence that every transaction type has been accounted for.

Quick and easy A2X setup

Map to your Chart of Accounts

A2X syncs with your Chart of Accounts in NetSuite, so you can select which account you want A2X to post summaries to.

Accrual accounting

Accrual accounting

A2X’s summaries are accrual, meaning they are grouped into the period they occurred.

Historical sales data access

Historical sales data access

Catch up on your ecommerce bookkeeping in NetSuite with A2X's historical data fetching capabilities.

Fast and easy setup A2X icon

Fast and easy setup

With A2X, you don’t need an integrator or a developer. You can get up and running in hours, not months.

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Today, there are a wide range of accounting connectors that claim to accurately record your marketplace or online store sales in your accounting system. And while many of them are useful for specific groups of sellers, we have decided to stick with A2X for our clients.


Why choose A2X

Ecommerce expertise

A2X knows ecommerce; it has been reconciling Amazon settlements since 2014 and Shopify payouts since 2019. A2X is relied on by tens of thousands of ecommerce sellers, as well as expert ecommerce accountants and bookkeepers around the world.

Ecommerce expertise
Integrates with the channels and marketplaces you sell on

Integrates with the channels and marketplaces you sell on

A2X integrates with Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and BigCommerce, giving you accurate summaries in NetSuite for all the channels you sell on.  

Global experience, local support for accurate accounting in NetSuite

Need help? The A2X team is available in every time zone, has deep ecommerce accounting expertise, and can support you on your journey to accurate ecommerce financials in NetSuite. 

Onboarding is also included for free on all premium plans.

Global experience, local support for accurate accounting in NetSuite

frequently asked questions

Still have questions? We’re here to help

A2X generates a summarized journal entry, which is posted to NetSuite, each time a payout is received from your ecommerce channel.

All transaction types are included: sales, fees, advertising, pending balances, refunds, warehousing, commission, discounts, shipping, and more. A full list of transaction types in the Amazon support article and Shopify support article.

Yes. You can connect A2X to all of the platforms you sell on; each channel or store will have its own account. You can then connect all of these to either the same NetSuite account or to different NetSuite accounts, according to your accounting needs.

Most inventory integrations focus on individual orders. While this approach is great for operations, it can make accounting challenging, as you're attempting to reconcile thousands of orders to a single payout. Sometimes, inventory entries may not include all transaction types that occurred on the ecommerce channel, such as specific fees or adjustments if an order changes. A2X captures all of this data and includes it in a single, summarized entry that matches the payout you've received.

Setting up A2X is very straightforward. All you need to do is connect your ecommerce channels and your accounting software. These steps are very safe and won't impact either platform. After that, you'll map your accounts by selecting which Chart of Accounts in NetSuite you'd like A2X to post each transaction type to. Once this is done, you're ready to start posting your entries to NetSuite

No, A2X integrates with Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and BigCommerce, and it can be connected to NetSuite. However, some accounting expertise may be required to ensure everything is set up correctly, so we recommend having your settings reviewed by an accountant.

Onboarding is included for free on all premium plans; this means you can book a call with one of our onboarding specialists to go through the accounts mapping. A2X also has expert support available on hand at all times via chat to answer any questions you may have. 


Yes, A2X is capable of supporting customers who process hundreds of thousands of orders per month.

A2X's premium plans start at $99 per month. The pricing of A2X is determined by the number of channels and the volume of orders. For instance, if you operate across five ecommerce channels (a combination of Amazon, Shopify, and eBay) with an approximate monthly order volume of 10,000, the cost would be $199 per month

A2X integrates with Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and BigCommerce. A2X can also identify any third-party payment gateway on your Shopify or BigCommerce store, and it provides a method to reconcile these as well, using a clearing account to account for the gateway fees. Learn more about how A2X works with payment gateways here.

How does A2X handle currency conversions and international transactions? A2X imports the data in the currency of the respective channel. For instance, if the currency on your Shopify store is USD, that is the currency A2X will use. If a currency conversion is required, the conversion will happen in NetSuite. Learn more about how A2X handles currency conversions here.

If you use a currency conversion service, such as OFX, A2X can support this setup by posting to a clearing account. Find out more about how A2X works with foreign exchange tools here.

Yes, access to historical data is included in all premium plans. In most cases, A2X can assist in retrieving the historical data you need

Have more questions? Reach out to our Customer Success team via the chat in the bottom corner of your screen.

Automated ecommerce accounting in NetSuite

Save time, work smarter, and get reliable Amazon and Shopify financials you can trust.

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